Your wish is our command. All you need to do is make a wish!

Entrust true professionals with your celebration and make all of your dreams come true. “Idea Mallorca” only works with team members who have already celebrated their weddings. These members fully understand the importance of joyful moments experienced on this special day. In order to satisfy our customers, we are ready to break all wedding myths and stereotypes. We are ready to search for alternative, exclusive decisions and make every idea into reality! Are you worried about the unpleasant weather conditions, or that your guests may be all too familiar with the location of the celebration? Forget all these problems and raise your wings for Mallorca! Together with our team you will experience an exceptional adventure. A wedding that resembles the picture perfect romantic movie scene – extraordinary surroundings, excellent pictures and unforgettable impressions.

What do we have to offer?

The most romantic exchange of vows imaginable, surrounded by flower petals raining from the sky, the sighing sea and sounds of exotic birds… Truly, we are suggesting a lifetime opportunity of making your dreams come to life in Mallorca. We will organize a unique celebration the way you want it, the way you dream of it. The marriage ceremony will be symbolic; however the feelings will be as real as can be. Formalities were always just a mere obstacle for true love – they can be taken care of before or after the celebration in Mallorca.

Great Mallorca Wedding Venues for your Wedding

Son Marroig

Son Marroig is a place where your dreams will become reality, all your wishes will come true and your happily ever after will be accompanied by your surroundings – the sun, the gentle wind… It is like a shrine on the cliff of the sea, generously spoiling us with amazing view and the sense of majesty. Son Marroig belongs to the territory of a museum; therefore you can stay after the ceremony and enjoy a gala dinner, which will be enjoyed alongside the fascinating panorama of the sea.

Wedding on the beach

This is a classic romantic fantasy, which can now easily become reality. Say “yes” to the love of your life during a symbolic ceremony on the beach. We will prepare and decorate of the place of your ceremony for you and your guests; we will take care of all the little things. Unique emotions and impressive pictures on the beach will surely be guaranteed!

Spanish villa

The Spanish villa is an ideal choice for those, who just want to party. Here is where the charm of the whole country, and the magical atmosphere, reveals itself in well-kept gardens or swimming pool water reflections. This is a perfect place for Spanish, traditional, yet exceptional wedding. The ceremony can take place under the night sky, in the garden or the terrace. Some of the villas can fit up to 40 people.

Yacht club

The yacht club is a place with enchanting view of the sea, giving an opportunity to enjoy heaps of fresh air. If you choose this place for your celebration, you will be able to enjoy the fun until midnight – after that, you will be welcome to visit the clubs.

The hotel area

The hotel area can become a garden of dreams, only if you wish so! This solution is extremely comfortable when the wedding is rather large and all the guests choose to stay at the same place. Celebrate and resign here – none of your guests will get lost, be late or experience other difficulties!

Wilderness and cruise

Wilderness and cruise is a luxurious choice for those who are searching for exclusivity. This will definitely impress you and your guests. Exchange you vows in a beach surrounded by wilderness and exotic plants, brightly-coloured flowers and the laughter of birds. You and your guests will be carried to a secret paradise by a luxurious yacht. After the ceremony, you are welcome to enjoy a private day cruise.

In the church

You will discover the sacredness and comfort in the church. The marriage blessed in the church of Mallorca will be valid in Lithuania and the rest of the world. This is a very romantic choice – quite traditional, yet different in its own way.

On water

You can get married on a sailing or motor boat, or even a newly restored historic barge. If you spot a beautiful scenery on the water, the captain will take you to it, where you can give yourself to each other surrounded by peace. The first assignment for the newly-weds will be to enjoy the exceptional view, which will be given to you as a gift from Mallorca.

Wedding in winter

Wedding in winter. No, it is not what you would think! The winter in Mallorca is pleasant and warm – filled with blooming flowers in valleys and flatlands. Celebrating a wedding in winter is very profitable, since the prices are quite a bit lower, therefore making it possible for you to invite more guests!

Picnic-style wedding

An outdoor picnic wedding is a new and original concept – perfect for couples who want to leave standards behind. No formalities, awkward silence or an excessive amount of cutlery. Dance bare-feet and welcome morning dew surrounded by the company of your friends. Be the first to try this idea and you will certainly have something to tell to your grandchildren!

Castles and historic places

Castles and historic places. These are places that are extremely charming, captivating and creating impressions of a completely different world – one of a kind antique furniture, luxury interior, well-kept gardens.. The seekers of true and natural romance will find paradise here – a paradise, which will be followed by a true fairytale. Furthermore, these places dictate the style of the wedding, therefore we only add to the created mood. In pictures, such weddings always look extremely elegant, luxurious and romantic – almost as if they had been touched by the hand of a poet.

Exclusive locations

Exclusive locations. Mallorca is filled with magical places where you can commemorate your love: the comfortable atmosphere of wine cellars of wineries, a romantic wedding at an observatory, a daring celebration at the edge of the volcano or a simple, yet mystical celebration surrounded by forests and flowers.