Pramogos Maljorkoje

Beautiful Mallorca island is the pearl of Mediterranean sea. Here everyone could choose how to spend holiday’s time: nightlife is waiting for those who likes to party and gentle sangria, romantic wild beaches or family activities will propose best quality of relaxing time in the island.


Things to do in Mallorca:

  • Here you will find a lot of waterparks, themeparks and resorts. Adults and children likes great amusements! It’s the best choice for families or adrenaline lovers.
  • Island has well known places to visit – legendary Cuevas del Drach, historical Soler city or bohemian Deia. Discover beauty of Mallorca!
  • Everyone must try local cuisine. It is the result of many cultures influence. Traditional recipe fascinates products combination and exotic taste. Local vine is so good and this is the reason to taste it.
  • Check Mallorca cultural calendar before your journey! Mallorca has archaic and very popular in the island folklore. You could be a part of old traditions: let finish the harvest of grapes or olives, the reaping of wheat and celebrate it! Mallorca’s events are always very enjoying, so it’s good way to find local spirit. Eat, drink and dance like local citizen!
  • Mallorca cities aren’t big, so this is the best size for walking around. You will discover island’s beauty in small cities, few kilometres from tourist places. Rent a bike, motorbike or car and plan adventurous drive tour!
  • Romantic time is spending in yacht! Blue sea, gentle breeze and undulating water… What’s more you need?
  • Discover diving for the first time – Mallorca is a good choice. The warm water and various underwater word gives the best diving experience. If you dream to try this, try in Mallorca.
  • Ride on sandy tacks lined with reed and wildflowers. Horses will show you the most beautiful places, mountains and gives the feeling of freedom!
  • Mallorca beaches have many attractions for active leisure lovers. Explore island on paddle board, enjoy flyboard or windsurfing. Here is so much to do!
  • Fishermans haven’t permit skip this chance! Take fishing tour in Mallorca and you will fish up your life’s fish!  

Mallorca is so colorful and amazing land... we simply couldn‘t say all the activities. Open your mind and heart, we believe, Mallorca‘s charm will find you!