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Our story begins six years ago. I was about marrying my beloved husband and I told myself: ‘Erika, you know that you want everything to be perfect.’ And like said – I did. I’ve been to plenty of weddings. Each unique and charming in it’s own way, but deep down I knew – I’ve wanted that exact day to be completely different. I was sure – I don’t want to follow all those traditions, I don’t have to meet everyone’s expectations. I decided to do it my way and make this event fun and unforgettable experience for us all. That’s how We’ve found sunny and tremendous Mallorca. However it was just a beggining… Read more

Wedding ceremonies are passion for every member of Idea Mallorca Team. The most romantic vow you could ever imagine or Lawfully Valid Ecclesial Ceremony. Rose petals falling from the sky, sound of the sea… We can guarantee unremarkable event whatever it will be – Weddings, vows renewals, birthdays, christenings – It can be unforgettable, all of that and even more is possible. All you have to do is say: ‘My idea – Mallorca’ !

We invite you to familiarize yourself with beautiful places we offer!

Dreams can come true and we know it better than anyone else!

Idea Mallorca Team is determined to put into action all your concepts and fantasies. Celebrate with us… In Mallorca!

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