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Cookies and Privacy Policy

By using our website and having cookies and local storage enabled, you agree to the use of technologies described in the Policy. If you don‘t agree to the „cookies“, you can disable them in your browser.

This policy is a part of our Privacy Policy and explains:

  • What are „cookies“?
  • How do we use „cookies“?
  • What is a „local storage“?
  • What are third-party cookies?


„Cookies“ are small, temporary files stored on the device you are using to access the website (computer, phone, tablet etc.). „Cookies“ allow storing information on your device that is needed for functionality of some features of the site.

After creating a „cookie“, the information kept on your device is:

  • Address (domain) of the website, that created the „cookie“.
  • Storage time of the „cookie“ (can be stored a few minutes or many years).
  • „Cookie“ content.

At any given time, you can configure settings of your browser once again and block the usage of some „cookies“ on websites. You can also delete any previously saved „cookies“.


  • Necessary „Cookies“. These „cookies“ are necessary to control data traffic on the website. If you block them, some parts of the site may not function properly.
  • Analytical „Cookies“. These „cookies“ help us and third-party sites to know which countries are the users from and how they interact with the website. We use this information to improve structure and content of our site.
  • Advertising „Cookies“. These „cookies“ are used to manage ads, its content and frequency.
  • Targeted Advertising „Cookies“. These „cookies“ help us monitor your behaviour on the website, which allows more relevant advertisement.
  • Social Media „Cookies“. These „cookies“ have to be enabled in order to share posts on your social media.


Local storage is a file that is created by the website and stored on your device. Cookies are only one way of storing data. It‘s important to get to know them before you make the decision to block them or delete saved data:

  • Local browser storage. Some websites use session storage and local storage to store data. Session storage is used for temporary files and local storage for permanent storing. You can get rid of them by clearing your browsing history.


Many websites contain features provided by third-party sites, such as:

  • website usage analysis.
  • interactive maps.
  • video and media elements.
  • share buttons for social media.
  • advertisements.

Providers of those features can use „cookies“ and mass local storage to monitor user behaviour while browsing, which allows to create a profile in order to show appropriate ads for user‘s interests.

When browsing this website with “cookies” and local storage enabled, you must accept Privacy Policy of the provider that applies to the following features:

Property / feature of the siteThird-party companyPrivacy Policy of third-party company
„Google Analytics“„Google, Inc“http://www.google.com/intl/en/analytics/privacyoverview.html
Google features (maps, YouTube and others)„Google, Inc“http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/
Facebook Features„Facebook, Inc“https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy
Share features on Instagram„Instagram, LLC“https://instagram.com/about/legal/privacy/
Tripadvisor – social network„TripAdvisor LLC“http://slide.ly/privacy-policy

„Cookies“ and local storage is a technology, that helps us index behaviour while browsing the website.

To receive help on other browsing software or if you have questions concerning „cookies“ used on this site, contact us via e-mail.

Remember: if you block „cookies“, some of the features may not work correctly.